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I'm John Choi.
I make some gifs.

Korean, 19, GA, ENTJ.
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Jungle ruins, Wat Umong forest temple, Chiang Mai, Thailand by John Spies


Photographer zweifelsohne wankelmütig

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
F. Scot Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby

Kokedama is a Japanese art form that satisfies my deep lust for plants, crafts, round things and hanging things.  Instructions here.

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After hours


My mom came in my room today asked me why I got so many tissues in the trash I straight told her I been jerkin more than usual lately.. Wasn’t bouta tell her i was cryin my eyes out sniveling n shit at 5 am bc the lil girl in my anime missed her big sis wedding bc she in a coma

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I know you’re just plain curious, like a butterfly that’s attracted to fancy colors…

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(movement with hydrangeas)
van dusen botanical gardens
vancouver, bc, ca


Doing adult things for the first time more like


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Handwriting Challenge
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